Unstable Keepsakes

"Unstable Keepsakes" is an exploration of the transience of memory bearing objects. The work is part of my PhD research project at Hasselt University and the PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt, Belgium, funded by the Special Research Fund (BOF) of Hasselt University (BOF21DOC04).


Things that do not endure can never carry on a story. The idea behind the series is to explore the transience of objects and thus also the transience of the memories associated with them.

The objects in the series are based on 3D scans of existing pieces of jewellery. These pieces of jewellery were acquired by the company Argentor (Antwerp, Belgium) in the course of purchasing old gold and were made available to me for the scans. The 3D scans were ultimately used to create glass objects, which were produced in a process that is only partially predictable and is intended to reflect the transience of pieces of jewellery. The loss of the objects also means the loss of memories associated with it.

All the jewellery scanned at the start of the project has since been melted down and is therefore lost forever.

The work is still in progress. First results were displayed during the exhibition "Visions, Ventures & Valuables" during Munich Jewellery Week 2024.


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