Lost Relics

"Lost Relics" is an examination of forgetting and part of my PhD research project at Hasselt University and the PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt, Belgium, funded by the Special Research Fund (BOF) of Hasselt University (BOF21DOC04).


How can we visualise forgetting? How can the frustration of the inaccessibility of memories be visualised? The objects of the  group are an exploration of precisely this question

Based on the aesthetics of collections and archives, the objects show 5 pieces of jewellery (symbolic for objects as carriers of memories), embedded in the fog of oblivion, shortly before sinking into disappearance. Some are still quite clear. Others can only be guessed at. Many have already disappeared completely.

The glass cylinders are an exploration of the disappearance of memories. The idea is that the viewers should feel the same frustration that they usually feel when they fail to remember. You know something is there, but you can't access it. Just like with the cylinders: you can see that there is something inside, but you can often only recognise it dimly.

All the pieces embedded in the cylinders are based on existing objects that I acquired at flea markets in Belgium and the USA.

The foam glass cylinders were created during a 14-day artist residency at S12 in Bergen, Norway.



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