Fleeting (memories)

The group "Fleeting (memories)" is an exploration of the fallibility our memory. It is part of my doctoral research project at Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt, Belgium, which is funded by the Special Research Fund (BOF) of Hasselt University (BOF21DOC04).

2022 - ongoing

Memories are fleeting. This fact gave the impetus for the following project. 

On the one hand, it is a visualisation of the fallibility of memory. On the other hand, it is a reflection on how the way we access objects can influence our perception of them.

The project started in Baltimore during an artist residency at the Baltimore Jewelry Center in July 2022.

For this work I visit different museums. After the museum visits, I then try to create the objects that I still remember from my memory. I do not take any pictures, make any sketches or notes. I work solely with my memory.

Perception and memory are influenced by many factors. How concentrated am I? How is the piece presented? Can I see everything? Am I distracted by bystanders?

Then I return to the workshop and carve my memory of the ring in wax.

Sometimes I look at the object only once. With other objects, I return and give it a second or even 3rd chance. Sometimes I lock my wax carvings for months, trying to forget and then remember them. Each time I start a new object. I do not change existing wax objects.

The first carvings were casted in fine silver. Further objects will remain in wax, as this material is better suited to the fleeting nature of our memory.

The results do not intend to be exact copies of the originals. Moreover, they shall visualize the unreliability of (my) memory. It changes the world even when I try to focus.

The project is not yet complete, as I am trying to forget certain memories that arose during an artist residency until May 2024 and then bring them back to life.

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